In the recently published The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, a large group of psychiatrists and mental health professionals finally came forward to fulfill their collective “duty to warn” us about the potential dangers this psychologically damaged man presents. It doesn’t take a psychiatrist or medical professional to make an accurate observation about what Trump himself has revealed himself to be. He showed us over and over again, before during and after the campaign. And for the huge majority of voters who did not vote for him, there is nothing new revealed here. But now, in his current position of power, and with his increasing skittishness over the looming Mueller report, he presents a clear and present danger. This is a man who is severely insecure and emotionally damaged, probably from childhood, and should’ve been in psychotherapy instead of being spirited off to military school by his wealthy parents. He has never been held accountable for anything in his life and is totally bereft of empathy.

Now this wounded and unloved little boy has morphed into a malignant narcissistic sociopath who conned his way into the White House. And it is utterly terrifying that he has access to the nuclear codes. Because whenever he succumbs to fits of jealous rage over Barack Obama, or John McCain, or Barbara Bush, and erupts in a petulant Tweet storm, or begins whining because the media’s been mean to him, we are all the targets of his wrath.

Simply put. We are tethered to a ticking time bomb, and the danger is coming from inside the White House.

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