Tough Guy or Scaredy-Cat “Bunker Boy”?

Peaceful protestors outside of the White House being tear gassed. Malcolm Nance, his 2016 best seller, and Vladimir Putin looking up at President Obama.

In as much as I was born female, I may be treading on risky gender specific territory here, and the subject I’m about to approach may very well be viewed as “a guy thing”, but having grown up in a two-parent household with a father and two older brothers as well as having raised two sons of my own, I feel I have learned a few things about the male psyche. In any case, I’m ready and willing to risk a male backlash. So, here goes.

Donald Trump is a coward. A behind-closed-Bunker doors whimpering, yellow-belly, scaredy-cat coward. Moreover, I’m willing to bet that he has never been in a real fight, “mano y mano”, in his entire privileged Richie Rich life. And, like all typical neighborhood bullies, he’s always surrounded by a squad of ignorant protective goons falling in line to allow him to puff and bluster and sell counterfeit “wolf tickets” and look “tough”. A paid entourage of sycophantic parasites and obsequious flatterers who willingly enable him as he continues to defile the office of the presidency and destroy this country. But picture him utterly and completely alone and forced to contemplate the entirety of his inhumanity and wrong-doing and his useless life and it would be a completely different story.

As has been previously reported and in numerous interviews with his past teachers and governesses and neighbors, “Donald was a horror as a child.” A bad seed. And he has not changed. In retrospect, whether birth order or genetics or ineffectual parenting defined his demented character traits, the results are displayed in his behavior every day as a 70-something year-old malignant narcissist who is a danger to this nation. He is, at his very core, a dishonest person, and he lies with the same amount of ease with which normal human beings take their next breath. The truth is irrelevant to him, but I dare say it’s due to the fact that he is rarely challenged on his lies.

Frankly, his wealthy parents failed miserably and they produced a sociopath. Instead of abdicating their parental responsibilities and spiriting him off to military school, they should’ve sought desperately needed psychiatric care for the boy. Now this entire nation is suffering the results of their monumental failure and what we have on our hands to deal with is, among many other things, a Neo-Fascist monster, wannabee dictator who is also simply a psychologically damaged man-child and a coward.

I am not alone in this assessment of the facts.

“…The man is a coward. I say that clearly. I say it out loud. Donald Trump is a physical coward who dodged the draft multiple times. But then when he gets into a position of power, he wants to use those same people in the jobs he refused to go to, to go out and attack and possibly kill US citizens…That is a tyrant. By our own definition from our founding fathers, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. This man is no better than King George III. You might want to call him King Donald I. But in this circumstance he does not understand even the nation that he is supposedly in charge of.” Malcolm Nance, Counter-terrorism expert, author, Intelligence Community member. Saturday, June 6, 2020 — A.M. Joy — MSNBC

“I swore an oath — in the military and in the Senate — to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not to mindlessly cater to the whims of Cadet Bone Spurs…” Senator Tammy Duckworth (D)Ill.

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