Ruby Red Lipstick and Natalie Wood Eyebrows

…what every teen girl wished for during our yesterdays.

Her Sweet Collection of Stuffed Tigers

Her Ever-Evolving Sense of Fashion: Perfect for her in every way.

Her Signature Cuff Bracelets

Her Own Take on Traditional Hollywood Glamour

Decades of glamorous Academy Awards ceremonies with her fans anxiously awaiting her appearance. And Natalie never disappointed.

An Enduring Legacy — A Memory That Will Never Fade

In the 38 years that she has been gone, the tendency to dwell on the profound tragedy of Natalie Wood’s untimely death has overshadowed her remarkable talent and her outstanding cinematic performances. What is also being missed is Natalie the mother. The photographic and videographic evidence of her all-consuming love for her daughters is utterly extraordinary. Fortunately, her beloved first-born, Natasha Gregson Wagner, is keeping her mother’s name and legacy alive with the Natalie Fragrance and Website, and the book Natalie Wood: Reflections on a Legendary Life, which she co-authored with Manoah Bowman. Natalie’s complete story is there. “The Woman”, “The Actress”, “The Mother”.

Thank you Natasha!

Natalie Wood Eyebrows at last!

Me, High School graduation June 1962



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