If I Could Have Voted At 16: A 1940s “war baby” champions the H.R. 1 Amendment lowering the voting age.

Winds of War and Babies

Food Rationing for Everyone

SOME FAMOUS WAR BABIES: All Grown Up, Making Their Marks and Transforming American Culture and Politics

FEATURED ABOVE: Muhammad Ali (b.1942); Arthur Ashe (b.1943); Joe Biden (b.1942); Jesse Jackson (b.1941); Billie Jean King (b.1943); Vivian Malone and James Hood (b.1942); Huey Newton (b.1942); Robert Mueller (b.1944); Nancy Pelosi (b.1940); Joan Baez (b.1941); Bob Dylan (b.1941); Tom Hayden (b.1939); Bob Woodward (b.1943); Carl Bernstein (b.1944); John Kerry (b.1943); John Lennon (b.1940); George Harrison (b.1943); Marvin Gaye (b.1939); Robert DeNiro (b.1943); Frances Ford Coppola (b.1939); Charlayne Hunter-Gault (b.1942); John Lewis (b.1940); Joni Mitchell (b.1943); Angela Davis (b.1944); David Crosby (b.1941); Sephen Stills (b.1945); Graham Nash (b.1942); Neil Young (b.1945)

The Dawn of the Sixties

Massachusetts Senator John F. Kennedy in Detroit

Then Came Kennedy and The New Frontier

Senator Kennedy campaigning in Detroit. My classmates and I in our “campaign headquarters”.
The Way It Was
November, 1960
The Cuban Missle Crisis, October 1962
The March on Washington, August 28, 1963

The Generation That Changed America

Almost 60 Years Later: Another New Young Leader From Massachusetts Arrives on the Political Scene



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Aundra Willis Carrasco

Aundra Willis Carrasco

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