53 Years Ago: April 9, 1968

The Funeral of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A national day of mourning for the fallen leader, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A personal note: April 4, 1968, Cleveland, Ohio:

Outside Higbee’s department store in downtown Cleveland.

“…something else…”

Sadly, there was no way of knowing that “something else” would soon be waiting in Memphis.

Attorney General Robert Kennedy informs crowd of civil rights workers and King supporters.
Outside Dr. King’s Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia
Cleveland’s black newspaper shows Mayor Carl B. Stokes’ emotional moment.
“…until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dr. King’s youngest daughter, Rev. Bernice King’s emotional moment with her father.



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